A collaborative culture where people work for each other

Employee stability is a critical factor to any business. We understand that to avoid employee turnover we must back our people in. We encourage all team members to be themselves and to own their work - we give them responsibility, let them do it their way and support them 100%

A great culture is hard to explain, but we think we have one. An environment where teams work collaboratively with each other. Where employees are encouraged to make decisions and nobody second guesses themselves because they know they are fully supported

We aim to foster a "family business" like atmosphere where people respect and work for each other. A safe workplace environment where employees can be themselves, where individuality is not only encouraged, but expected

A diverse workplace is a strong workplace. We continue to see the benefits that people with diverse backgrounds bring to the business.

Apprenticeship Program

Apprenticeship intake is a particular focus at Molloys Plastering. We are proactive in our search for industry newcomers with strong values and work ethic, and a willingness to 'buy in'.

We understand the need to offer flexibility and opportunity - our internal pathways are effective in fast-tracking apprentices through the ranks. We offer elite training, support and valuable sector experience within commercial, residential, architectural and renovation projects.

If you are currently looking for opportunities please contact Steph via email here